Costanza Santilli is a PhD candidate in Photography at the University of Brighton, whose current long-term work focuses on the English rural landscape, with the aim of investigating the dynamics that shape our relationship with place and our sense of belonging. Not having received any formal photographic training before her recent experience as a PhD candidate, she considers herself a self-thought photographer.

Costanza obtained a degree in Art History from the University of Bologna in Italy before relocating to London, where she worked for many years as a fashion photographer represented by the agency ARTalents in both London and Milan. In 2016, she received a Master's in Modern and Contemporary Art from the University of Glasgow and subsequently worked for several years in the Art World, specializing in Photography.

Costanza's work has been recognized and featured in various publications, including the cover and inside pages of Soft-Copy Magazine. In August 2021, she was featured on the podcast Nearest Truth hosted by Brad Feuerhelm. Costanza is a recipient of the Urbanautica Institute Award 2023 in the category of Anthropology and Territory.